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March 18th 7:45PM EDT (New York Time)– Live Sohbet and Zikr with Shaykh Abdul Kerim al-Kibrisi – in Osmanli Naksibendi Dergahi, NJ USA

March 18th 7:45PM EDT (New York Time)– Live Sohbet and Zikr with Shaykh Abdul Kerim al-Kibrisi – in Osmanli Naksibendi Dergahi, NJ USA

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Watch here:

March 18th 7:45 EDT (New York Time)

Sohbet from Sheykh Abdul Kerim – 1429 – 2008

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Sheykh Abdul Kerim, two years ago, answered those who attack:

Sheykh Abdul Kerim – Sohbet 6/6/08 from Yursil on Vimeo.

Attacks from Michigan against Sheykh Abdul Kerim & Osmanli Dergah

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Recently there have been some videos posted attacking Sheykh Abdul Kerim openly and the Osmanli Dergah from Michigan. They are claiming that Sheykh Abdul Kerim is opening a dergah in Cyprus next to Maulana and that this is an act of craziness.

What is craziness is to think that Sheykh Abdul Kerim Effendi would or could do anything (especially in Lefke) without Sheykh Maulana Nazim’s explicit order and direction. Maulana specifically wanted a Dergah to be opened and run according to Ottoman/Osmanli ways in Cyprus.

This is what he ordered Sheykh Abdul Kerim to do, and that is what he is doing.

This is a continuation of his 2008 message where Maulana ordered Sheykh Abdul Kerim to work in Maulana’s area. Available on video here.

They say Seyh Effendi isn’t praying at that dergah, but goes elsewhere. Of course he goes elsewhere.

People who have never been to Cyprus are being taken for fools. The dergah next to Maulana’s house is not visited by Maulana himself. In fact, countless times Maulana was the one praying in these masjids with Sheykh Abdul Kerim right next to him.

When was the last Jummah Khutba you heard from Sh Maulana?

Want some pictures of ‘not praying at the Dergah’?

P1030035 (by yursilnaqshi) mosque in Gemikonagi (by yursilnaqshi)

Now we know Maulana doesn’t come pray very often to the Dergah next to his own house, but Maulana visited the Osmanli Dergah in Lefke to open it himself.

Wouldn’t it be real craziness to think that Maulana would visit a place like this when it is against his wishes?

One can see Maulana openly praying in the dergah, blessing it.

See the pictures yourself.

Or do you think that Awliya are just tricking you (Hasha Astahgfirulllah)? This is a clear message that the dergah is opened by Sheykh Maulana. Then they are second guessing Sheykh Maulana by saying he is being ‘patient’ with people who are doing work all around him. This is a sign of a deep disease. In this pseudo reality world these people create, what Maulana does is actually the opposite of what he really wants. For them, he doesn’t really want a Dergah, he just opens it up for some twisted game!


These people are upset that the President of Cyprus came and they were not able to broadcast. Like their past history, it is clear they are quiet until it becomes an issue of politics and gain. Could it be Maulana wants a direct feed of his sohbets unassociated with contrary messages?

What has Maulana said about Khalifa, about Democracy openly?

On top of that, all Islamic countries are now making advertisements for democracy, not theocracy, which would be following the Sharia. No! They want democracy, because the Europeans want it, they would never want a theocracy. And now our people are trying to copy this. Also in the private lives of people they want to copy the western people. It makes them proud to be like the western people.

What are these people saying about the same? They make Sahabis into political parties and shariat into democracy. What is real craziness is how these people reconcile these obvious conflicts in their minds. 6:45

InshaAllah this Osmanli Dergah will be a big success because of Sh Maulana’s blessing and permission.

Many people will be assisting in this effort, including Cafer Iskenderoglu.

They are complaining about Sheykh Abdul Kerim by calling him crazy, and by doing so they have fulfilled the hadith: Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “Engage in the Dhikr of Allah in such abundance that people comment that ‘you are insane’.” (Ahmed, Abu Ya’la, Ibn Habbaan)

Sohbet – Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Kibrisi – 1431

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Sohbet – Shaykh Abdul Kerim al-Kibrisi – 1431 from Yursil on Vimeo.

Lukman Hoca Speaks About Finding Sheykh Abdul Kerim

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Lukman Hoja @ Wedding from Yursil on Vimeo.