Pope Benedict meets with Sheykh Maulana Nazim Adil Al-Hakkani Al-Kibrisi

June 5, 2010  |  Thoughts

Sheykh Mevlana Nazim speaks often about a number of tyrants and spiritual leaders of todays religious communities. Specifically about the Pope he has said within the last year:

You are living for independency or you are living for your Lord’s servanthood? Dalai Lama, where are you? I am here! Oh your holiness Pope, I am here! If I am saying (something) wrong, say! Write that Sheikh is wrong.

If they are looking through their Holy Books, (they) may understand, what we are saying; if it is true or wrong. Yes; warning (the) Pope, warning Patriarchs, warning Rabbis. Stop killing people! Stop wars! And try to be servants of your Creator! If not, you should be punished!

That Pope, why (is he) not thinking? That Patriarch, why (he is) not thinking? That Haham Bashi, Rabbi, why (is he) not thinking?
Where is their power? Christians, where is their power? O Jewish people, where is your power? O millions (of) Hindus-Mindus, where is your powers? We are here! …? … Where is your power, show!

“Islam (is) coming! We are fearing that Islam (is) coming to Europe!” ‘Ghaman ala anfun’, against their will, Islam (is) coming! (It is) coming and covering from East to West, from North to South, over oceans, on continents! Even they are not happy, but (Islam is) coming!

Alhamdulillah! That is (the) biggest reward, (the) biggest honour, (the) biggest glory for (a) Muslim, who can say: “I am Muslim! I like to be Muslim!”

Mevlana criticizes clearly and sufficiently.

However, with all these warnings and messages Mevlana still meets people for the sake of Islam, peace and looking towards hope of a better future. Mevlana hopes for the best in all people, for isn’t it really just one Shahadat that could change this whole world tomorrow?

Cyprus is a divided nation, one side Greek and the other is Turkish. The official ‘mufti’ of Cyprus, recognized and placed in that position by the government is Dr. Yusuf Suiçmez. This mufti refused to travel to the south to meet with the Pope due to nationalism and secular pressures. This closed the door for demonstrating the manners of Muslims and representing Islam to Christians.

Seyh Mevlana disregarded these nationalistic pressures and found a way to meet the pope in the UN buffer zone, belonging to neither the Greeks nor the Turks. He gave his message of hope while also defining the basis of his hope:

“I hope that the Lord of Heavens who make our hearts on same direction, to love each other and to help each other, here and hereafter, under the flags of Prophets, under the flags of Holy ones!”


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  1. In a time of politicians, alhamdullilah for statesmen!

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