The Letter of the Last Calipha, Sultan Abdul-Hamid Khan, To His Sheikh

July 9, 2009  |  Thoughts

This message of Abdul-Hamid Khan, the last Sultan having real power over the Ottoman Empire, was written in the times when the Sufi knowledge was so authoritative that each Islamic Ruler/Sultan/Governor and most of his subjects had their own Murshid (Spiritual Teacher). Unfortunately today not only the rulers, but also a great part of the Muslims, do not even know that it is the duty of every Muslim to follow the Sufi Sheykhs, according to the words of the great Imam Al-Ghazali.

In the name of Allah the Compassionate, the Merciful! Let Allah, the God of the Worlds, be praised. Let there be peace and blessings upon the Prophet Mohammad, Messenger of Allah , Lord of All the Worlds.

I address the respected Sheykh of the Shazali Tariqat Mohammad Efendi Abu Shamat, the healer of the souls and the flasher of the hearts, the outstanding man of his times. After the greetings I want to say that I got your message of this May 22 and I thank Allah that you are in good health

My lord, God being my helper, I devote days and nights to reciting wirds and I ask to always remember me in Your prayers. Let me share with You, and with lucid-minded people, my worries in respect of one very important question:

I left the post of the ruler of Caliphate only because of the obstacles and threats on the side of people who call them “Young Turks”. “The Committee of Unity and Progress” (Ataturk was one of its leaders, the comment of the translator) obsessively insist on my agreement to form a national Jewish state in the sacred land of Palestine. But in spite of their obstinacy I strongly refused them. In the end they offered me 150 mln English pounds in gold, but again I refused and said the following to them.

” If you offer me all the gold of the world adding it to your 150 man, I won’t agree to give you the land. I have served the Islam and the ummah of Mohammad, peace and blessings be upon him, for more than 30 years, and I won´t cloud the Islamic history, the history of my fathers and grand fathers Ottoman sultans and caliphs”.

After my definite refusal they decided to remove me from power, and after that they told me that they would transport me to Salonika and I had to resign. I praise my benefactor who didn´t let me bring shame on the Ottoman state and the Islamic world. I want to stop at this. I praise the Almighty once again and finish my letter.

I kiss your noble hands (my Sheykh) and hope that you won´t refuse my respect for you. Greet all our brothers and friends, oh, my Excellent Teacher.

Forgive me for such a long letter but I wanted you to be informed.
Peace, blessings and mercy of Allah upon You.

Chief of the Believers,
Abdul-Hamid ibn Abdul-Majid.
29 Ramadan 1329.
September 22 1911.



  1. Salam alaykum, where does al-ghazali say that it is compulsory to follow the sufi sheikhs? And what is his proof for this?

  2. BismillahirRahmanirRahim

    Excerpted from AYYUHAL WALAD by Imam al-Ghazali

    I will now explain to you what is necessary for those who choose to travel upon the path of Truth (siratul Mustaqim). Know that it is essential for you to attach yourself to a Spiritual Guide and Teacher who, through his spiritual instructions, will purify yourself from evil tendencies and replace them with nobility of character. And the definition of this “spiritual instruction” may be likened to that of the husbandman who removes the thorns and plucks out the weeds from the young plantation so that it may grow to perfection. It is necessary for the traveller (salik) to attach himself to a spiritual master to guide and instruct him in his journey to Allah the Most High, for Allah Himself sent to His worshippers a Prophet to guide them along His path. The Prophet in his turn has left behind those who act as his successors and who guide to the way of Allah. The necessary condition, which qualifies the guide to act as the viceroy of Prophet, is that he has to be deeply learned. But this condition is not sufficient, for every learned man does not by virtue of his learning alone qualify as a successor of the Prophet. I will now explain to you in a general manner the signs by which you may recognise the true guide, so that not just anyone can lay claim to this position. We say: He who renounces love of the world and the desire for rank; and he who follows an enlightened guide whose spiritual chain extends in unbroken sequence to Muhammad, the Lord of the Messengers (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him); and he who excels in refining himself by observing modesty in eating, speaking and sleeping, and by much praying, almsgiving and fasting; and he who, in imitation of an enlightened guide, makes virtue his way of life-amongst which are counted patience, prayer, prayer, thanksgiving, dependence on Allah, certainty of knowledge, generosity contentedness, inner peace, clemency, humility, knowledge, truthfulness, modesty, reliability, sobriety, tranquillity, and perseverance. He who meets these requirements may be considered as a light of the lights of the Prophet and worthy of emulation. However, the existence of such a one is rare, and, if found, is mightier than red sulphur (al-kibrit al-ahmar). If good fortune helps the seeker in finding such a guide, then it behoves him to respect him both outwardly and inwardly. As for outward respect it consists in refraining from argumentation with your guide and from vying with him in the derivation of proofs even if you know that he is wrong. You should also refrain from placing your prayer carpet in front of him except during the times of obligatory prayers. As for the extra prayers, do not prolong their performance in his presence. Lastly, do what he orders you to do according to your capacity. Inner respect, on the other hand, is not to reject inwardly in deed or in word – that which you hear and seem to accept from him outwardly. For that is the sign of the hypocrite. Furthermore, in order to avoid the influence of the Satans of the jinn and of man, one should refrain from the companionship of he who is of ill repute. In this way one becomes purified (and saved) from all satanic evils. One should also, under all circumstances, choose poverty above richness.

    The proof that every Muslim is seeking the path of truth is in Surah al-Fatiha

    اهدِنَــــا الصِّرَاطَ المُستَقِيمَ
    Ihdinā ṣ-ṣirāṭ al-mustaqīm
    Guide us to the true path;

  3. Jazak Allah khayr for the post Yursil bhai!

  4. Wow, this is explosive stuff Yursil bhai. briliant. jazakAllah.
    This proves zionist financiers were behind the young turks, as they are behind secularists today all over the muslim world. God have mercy.

    PS there’s also a few pages in al-munqidh where Imam Ghazali RA pretty much makes Sufism compulsory!

  5. JazakAllah khair bro

    However, it is still merely a guide, and highly debatable to say that its compulsory to have a spiritual murshid

  6. Bismillahir-Rahmanir-raheem
    Asalam Alaikum

    :) young turks.

    Source: David Musa Pidcock’s “Satanic Voices”

    How the East was lost

    From Sir Gerard Lowther to Sir Charles Harding (Private and Confidential)
    May 29, 1910

    “Dear Charles,

    Gorst’s telegram of the 23rd April about the rumored appointment of Mohamed Farid as
    delegate in Egypt of the Constantinople Freemasons, “said to be intimately connected with the committee of Union and Progress”, prompts me to write to you at some length on the strain of continental Freemasonry running through the Young Turk movement.

    I do so privately and confidentially, as this new Freemasonry in Turkey, unlike that of England and America, is in great part secret and political, and information on the subject is only available in strict confidence, while those who betray its political secrets seem to stand in fear of the hand of the Mafia.

    Some days ago a local Mason who divulged the signs of the craft was actually threatened with being sent before a court-martial, sitting in virtue of our state of siege.

    As you are aware, the Young Turkey movement in Paris was quite separate from and in great part in ignorance of the inner workings of that in Salonica. The latter has a population of about 140,000, of whom 80,000 are Spanish Jews, and 20,000 of the sect of Sabetai Levi (zevi) or Crypto-Jews, who externally profess Islamism.

    Many of the former have in the past acquired Italian Nationality and are Freemasons affiliated to Italian Lodges. Nathan, the Jewish Lord Mayor of Rome, is high up in Masonry, and the Jewish Premiers Luzzati and Sonnino, and other Jewish senators and deputies, are also, it appears, Masons. They claim to have been founded from and to follow the ritual of the “Ancient Scottish.”

    …The inspiration of the movement in Salonica would seem to have been mainly Jewish [Atatürk also came from Salonica], while the words “Liberté,” “Equalité”, and “Fraternité”, the motto of the young Turks, are also the device of Italian Freemasons… Shortly after the revolution in July 1908, when the Committee established itself in Constantinople, it soon became known that many of its leading members were Freemasons… it was noticed that Jews of all colours, native and foreign, were enthusiastic supporters of the new dispensation, till, as a Turk expressed it, every Hebrew became a potential spy of the occult (Balkan) Committee, and people began to remark that the movement was rather a Jewish than Turkish Revolution…”

    • Source: David Musa Pidcock’s “Satanic Voices”

      ref: Lady Queenborough’s “Occult Theocrasy”

      “Chapter CXIII, page 585, entitled ‘The Young Turk Movement’, she makes the following observation:

      “Not till 1900, when the Grand Orient virtually took over the Young Turk Party which was composed chiefly of Jews, Greeks and Armenians, did this movement assume a serious aspect.”


      Source: ibid

      Vicomte Leon de Poncins in ‘The Secret Powers behind the Revolution’ [page 66], giving the
      history and origin of the ‘Young Turk’ Movement, adds the following information, taken from
      the Masonic organ of the Grand Orient:

      “The Acacia (October 1908) A secret Young Turk council was formed and the whole movement was directed from Salonica.

      Salonica, the most Jewish town in Europe – 70,000 Jews out of a population of 100,000 – was specially suited for the purpose. It already contained several Lodges, in which the revolutionaries could work without being disturbed.

      These Lodges are under the Protection of European diplomacy. And as the Sultan was without weapons against them, his fall was inevitable…

      On the 1st May, 1909, the representatives of 45 Turkish Lodges met in Constantinople and founded the ‘Grand Orient Ottoman’. Mahmoud Orphi Pasha was nominated Grand Master…

  7. Brilliant stuff Sidi Yursil!!

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