Long Island – NY Imam accused of Sexually Abusing 13 year old

July 25, 2008  |  Thoughts


“A 53-year-old Imam has been arrested in connection with the sexual abuse of a teenage boy in Long Island. Niamatullah Ibrahim works at the Selden Mosque of the Islamic Association of Long Island. The 13-year-old boy he is accused of assaulting was a student there, police said.”
The 13-year-old was at the mosque “as a member of a religious study group for youth,” Fitzharris said. “He was forcibly placed into a room, and sexual contact was made.”
“The boy’s mother, who asked that her and her son’s names not be used, said she is concerned that Ibrahim, who was born in Afghanistan, will make his $100,000 bail and flee the country.

“He could go anywhere,” she said. “I don’t want him to go away from whatever he did.”"

*Note: The man is the Muezzin, teacher, custodian and lives on site at the Masjid, although there is an off-site Imam

My comments:

Over two years ago the New York Times attempted an ‘attack’ our Sheykh Abdul Kerim Effendi, but as we know the article showed the true colors of the evil ones. Now one of the people the NY Times decided to quote was Nayyer Imam. He gave the following incorrect statement:

“They do not belong to any Naqshbandi order,” said Nayyar Imam, the president of the Islamic Association of Long Island, whose Selden mosque is attended by many Stony Brook students. “They have created their own thing.”

Back then I pointed out that Sheykh Maulana Nazim, the worldwide leader of the Naqshbandi Hakkani way, has given authority to Sheykh Abdul Kerim, and Nayyar Imam has nothing to do with the Naqshbandi order in anyway to be speaking on our behalf.

The Imam of the Selden Mosque, which Nayyar Imam is president of, was recently arrested for sexual abuse charges on a 13 year old boy.

This occurred under his watch. Mr Imam has shown once again shown that he is a poor judge of character.

He was a poor judge on who he decides to attack, and he is a poor judge on who he decides to promote into positions of authority.

What occurred to this Muslim boy looking for knowledge is a terrible tragedy, and calls to the police have confirmed that the mans bodily fluids were found and taken from the boy. This was a two month investigation for which we will inshaAllah see all the culprits and cover-ups exposed which surely go to the highest levels.

Mr Imam is now quoted in the above article:

The mosque leaders “take these allegations very seriously,” said Nayyar Imam, president of the Islamic Association of Long Island.



  1. I am from this masjid. I have been part of it for more than 8 years. The person accused is NOT the imam. He was the caretaker of the masjid. He was basically the “janitor” of the masjid.

  2. i’m also from that masjid and i have to say that everyone i know, including my family, feel that these claims are bogus. there were no other witnesses, that mosque is open (private rooms? seriously? there ARE no private rooms there) and he’s a nice guy. he’s had no other offenses and there is so little evidence (every idiot reporter has his nationality, the time and date of the “attack” and even half the quotes wrong. and do you not wonder why this “victim” is annonymous? seriously? because a guy in jail can do anything to him? there’s no reason to protect his identity. that poor man, who i believe is innocent, will never come out. and if he isn’t innocent, well, they should at least do some serious investigations (nothing that has been found is incriminating other than that kid’s word). they should take this matter seriously, but 100,000 dollars for a first offense with no concrete evidence is ridiculous. and just because of his nationality too? seriously?

    and yeah, he wasnt even the imam. again, you fools have your info wrong. do some research before writing a freaking article.

  3. Right. And he taught Quran and gave the Azaan and lived onsite.

  4. Allahu A3lam if this is true or not. We should all give the benefit of the doubt no matter what. Remember the hadith about the man who committed zina and the Prophet (SAW) tried to send him away.

    Allahu Musta3aan.

  5. InshaAllah, I am giving benefit of the doubt to the young boy and family. This is due to the independent fact that this mans bodily fluids were collected from the boy.

  6. Hello people

    I m Mike from the Dutch a little country in Europe.

    I was looking for information about >> niamatullah ibrahim

    We get on the internet the same information and i was looking of the story is true or propaganda/disinformation.
    I don t believe not anything from media crap.

    I read also information from CIA they sponserd some mosque in England.
    Do you know some information from mosque in the USA and the conection to CIA.
    (I think some people working for some secret ageny and do some work for them, but i m not sure )

    We have in the Dutch many mosque and 2 mosque are the most time in the Dutch news >>>coincidentally ????
    And some Imam who is preaching like hate, is also working for the dutch army and gouverment is working with some special systems.
    And many time s are there some articles about him in the news papers where they let the people see how he do his preaching.

    After 5 years the Dutch secret service see that he is working for them!!!
    coincidentally ????


    okay thanks for your time, and when you have some information send me e mail >>


  7. BismillahirRahmanirRahim
    salamu alaikum,

    Brother MR, I am or was part of that masjid also and for much longer than 8 years. It is the first masjid I have ever been to. I was in first grade when I attended my first prayers there. It was a regular house at the time. You had to pass by the kitchen to get to the prayer area. The president at the time, Dr. Choudary, was my doctor. I also know the person accused of sex abuse from the masjid. I remember him leading prayers, calling adhan, and collecting donations.

    After those slanderous comments made by our “Muslim brother” in The New York Times, I went to the Selden masjid to speak to N.Imam. At first he said he does not remember what he said to the reporter but alhamdulillah I had a copy of the article which refreshed his memory (all of his comments were highlighted).

    He denied making any of those statements and promised to send a letter to the The New York Times saying that the statements were false and demand a correction. Also, he promised to send me a copy of that letter.

    It has been 2 years now and Nayyar Imam, president of that masjid, still has not written that letter that he promised. I have called him many times, left messages, and spoke to his secretary at his county office but not once has he answered back.

    Its funny how he said that we “have no idea what real Islam is”, yet a couple months before the article was published Nayyar Imam approached me after one Juma’ah prayer and said that he wanted me to be a teacher for Muslim children at the masjid’s Islam classes. He went on to say how great a role model I am for young Muslims in Long Island.

    You have caused fitna in Islam and, also, within my family.

    Nayyar Imam- shame on you

  8. “The person accused is NOT the imam. He was the caretaker of the masjid. He was basically the “janitor” of the masjid.”

    “This is due to the independent fact that this mans bodily fluids were collected from the boy.”

    “I also know the person accused of sex abuse from the masjid. I remember him leading prayers, calling adhan, and collecting donations.”

    Salaam Alaikum,

    It sounds to me like the accused has been an active part of this mosque for long enough that there was ample time for the leadership to not only judge his character but to be well acquainted with it and him.

    Since the ‘point’ of leadership in a mosque, other than grandstanding and wielding an over-bloated sense of power, should be to manage and supervise the members of its ‘team’, this Nayyar Imam should have known exactly who the community interacted with on a daily basis.

    If this predator was allowed to “lead” prayers, then the management/Mr.Imam was either terrible at his job or simply was not doing it, or was clueless. Either way, the onus falls on him because of his position and the responsibility it carries. Even IF you give him the benefit of the doubt, that the accused was really secretive at being this wolf in sheep’s clothing, and this Mr.Imam was faultless in this whole mess, it still doesn’t excuse him from making the categorically slanderous comments about the Sheykh, who he had no authority to comment on, whether it be authenticity of position or ijaza or anything. ( I didn’t realize the jurisdiction of the Selden Mosque leadership reached that far)

    All things considered, it sounds to me like this Nayyar Imam is a poor leader. For some reason I’m reminded of chickens coming home to roost.

    – Junayd

  9. so wait… this guy raped a boy in a muslim mosque????

  10. If there is a rape, a homosexual zina commited at the Selden Mosque, is it still considered a mosque in Islam?

  11. I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!

  12. What you guys dont know is taht Nayyar Imam is nothing but a former racist quomi muahjir movment or whatever leader. His motive for being a “mosque leader” or whatever is only to go into politics in the USA. He doesnt give a damn about islam, naqshbandi or otherwise, he doesnt give a damn about who works in the masjid so long as they are serving him and his plan to be a political leader in the US. you gys are bunch of naive american kids who think he actually cares. He is nothing but manipulative and if this scandal is indeed just a scandal then it is God who is making sure this man-Nayyar gets a payback for his blood thirsty leadership acquisition.

    I would ignore this guy; furthemore, majority of the muslims on long island are nothing but bunch of FOBs desis who think they can continue to live like back home in a new country and they dont know how to let go of their stupid cultural notions.

  13. Somen who knows...again

    like I said, Nayyar Imam gives two cents about judging character or anything. his only motive in life was to be a political leader and he used unfortunately the mosque and the muslim community as a stepping stone for his career launching. He knows two cents about islam other than praying and fasting and donations for the mosque. So offcourse he cannot give ijaaza on who is right or wrong but the only reason I suspect he made those comments was to get into the New York Times his name and be recognized as a community leader. Now he is getting old so he recruits as many youth as he can such as Erdem and other good youth such as his own nephew. He is only planning to use them to establish and maintain his leadership.

  14. I was recently searching the web and stumbled upon this article. Like MR, I am from the area and familiar with the masjid. I am extremely disappointed at how you Sidi use this post to point out what a corrupt person Nayyar Imam must be rather than to bring light to the issue at hand. What happened to husn dhan? What happened to being merciful and giving others the benefit of the doubt and the ability to grow and change as a person? Even though Nayyar Imam is not the center of this, you make him out to be. It’s unfortunate that you do so.

    Besides that the caretaker of the masjid in question is an upright man and as another reader pointed out there is no real proof. But fine, even if there were– none of us can judge the situation because we are far removed from it and are not fit to even try and judge. SubhanAllah.

  15. BismillahirRahmanirRahim

    Who was giving the boy the benefit of the doubt? Who was giving the students in the Naqshbandi NY Times article the benefit of the doubt?

    It’s time to call a spade a spade.

  16. mr yursil you seem to be a very angry person i thought that the people from the tariqa are kind you need some medical attention about your anger i think sufisim is not working for you you are a ticking time bomb

  17. BismillahirRahmanirRahim

    Thank you for your opinions! But actually I’m not very angry at all, I’m actually quite happy shukr Alahumdulillah, I am very blessed to have my Shaykh, my family, my friends. :)

  18. Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
    as salaamu alaikum
    a scared muslim, your attacking attitude towards our dear brother Mr Kidwai stems actually from your anger for Mr Kidwai’s not givin the answers or comments u eagerly wanted to hear. Mr Kidwai, contrary to whatt u say, ‘angry’, is a very kind, calm, peaceful, nice Muslim and Mureed inshAllah; if u have an issue, go deal with it with that masjid, dont attack Mr Kidwai, alhamdulillah he’s quite well :) i strongly recommend u take off your sunglasses of pride & prejudice, that would work for u, maybe i hope.. Sufism enlightened by our sheikhs, masters works well for us, it makes us be ‘truthful’.
    May Allah bless u Yursil. fi AmanAllah.

  19. Such acts have added another page to the increasing number of heinous activities being committed these days under the cloak of religious purity, marring whatever good perception religion had in the eyes of masses.

    Pakistani mosques and madressas hold stories that should put believers to shame, hearing about such things being associated with their faith. All this is happening, and more often than we like to believe, no matter how hard we try to brush it under the carpet and close our eyes.

    There are Shayateen in every group of people, and they need to be dealt with without leniency.

  20. Aselamulaikum,
    I have also like MR been a member of this Musjid for more then 8 years and I still attend the youth group there. My friend’s dad is Neyyar Imam and I have known for a very long time and he is the kindest and more respectful person I know.


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