Consensus Reality

April 25, 2006  |  Naqshbandi, Politics



I enjoyed looking into this term I read from Husnu Ali Prince’s comment in one of the NY Times responses.

“Consensus Reality”

An excerpt from Wikipedia

Consider this example: reality is different for people who believe in God than for those who believe that science and mathematics are sufficient for explaining life, the universe and everything. In societies where God-centered religions are dominant, that understanding would be the consensus reality, while the religious worldview would remain the nonconsensus (or alternative) reality in a predominently secular society where the consensus reality is grounded in science.

In this way, different individuals and communities, at different developmental stages, have fundamentally different world views.[1] These are not merely more mature view, but fundamentally different ones, with fundamentally different comprehensions of the world around them, and of the constructs within which they live. Thus, in terms of consensus reality, a society that is (for example) secular and one which believes every eventuality is due to gods and devils, will have very different consensus realities, and their entire beliefs on issues from science to slavery through to human sacrifice may differ in direct consequence because of the differences in consensus concerning the world they live in.

What is your reality?



  1. Assalamu alaikum
    Completely off-topic but how would respond to this :

  2. walaikum-assalam,

    I think the topic is maybe worth it’s own post. Inshahallah soon.  I’ll even use this word!

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