Interesting population figures.

April 28, 2006  |  Politics

Total Jewish population in Israel:   5.3 million  [citation]

Total Population of Arabs in Israel: 1.4 Million [citation] 
Palestinians in West Bank and Gaza Strip: 3.7 million [citation]

Total of 5.1 million Palestinians according to Western sources (not including the millions in Jordan).

Interesting how this ‘democracy’ works, isn’t it? When we want the land and not the people (nor their votes and their ability to change government), we simply push them aside and treat them as the ‘other’.  Even if they share a city.   Even if it means leaving them completely without a state.

Just another way of looking at the Palestinian situation.



  1. Absurd.

    The Palestinians of the West Bank and Gaza are ‘occupied’ because of a war started by Arabs- a war that leaders promised would lead to ‘rivers of blood’ and untold booty. By their own admission, they do noy want Israeli citinship. As for voting for self determination, who do you think elected Hamas?

    A Syrian friend once remarked bitterly, “The real naqbah has been audio and video tape. We can ano longer hide who we are, from the rest of the world and from ourselves.”

  2. A complete misunderstanding of the point. This is a point specifically discussing the Israeli occupation, or its validity, but rather bringing out a flaw in so-called ‘democracy’.

    Such a ‘democracy by exclusion’ is a farce.

    If Jews wanted to settle in Palestine, why the need for a ‘new state’? Settle and participate in the local political process, whatever it may be, like any other minority immigrant.

    Inventing new ‘states’ to seperate ‘us’ from ‘them’ throws ideals of democracy (majority rules) out the window.

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